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A World of Blue & Green | Un Mundo de Azul y Verde

I am green

Dedicated to all the misfits when we feel like an alien amongst the others. Dedicado a todos los misfits cuando nos sentimos como un extraterrestre entre los demás. I am green. I feel it every time your eyes shoot my naked skin, when you sting my heart with that filthy gesture in your face, when …


Golden Café Latte

Golden Café Latte. All rights reserves. Pictures taken with my personal iPhone 11 Pro. By Shweta. Turmeric is the key to make your latte golden. Turmeric has lots of benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, boosts the immune system, and is anti-oxidant. However, turmeric isn't that efficient if it's not mixed with black pepper. Black pepper activates …

Dalgona Coffee

Since summer I've been craving to try this recipe. It was quite easy to make it. All the recipes I found on the Internet have sugar in them. However, as you already know, I don't like sugar so I made it without any sugar or any other sweetener. So, what the hell is dalgona coffee? …