Week 44: First Coffee

Welcome to our first coffee talk! Ugghhh!! It is so rainy and windy here in Madrid, I find myself always running to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee or tea. Just the smell of it makes me comfy and cozy, doesn’t it?

As it is a very new start, I thought we could start with the simplest of the simplest coffee recipe ever. A classic café latte! This specific coffee that I am talking about is Guilis ground coffee from Brazil. I made it with soya milk (at home I always drink plant-based milk) and of course no sugar! Uh-uh, not allowed, no sugar, no sweetener, coffee taste better, believe me!

Let me know what is the best coffee you remember drinking and how many cups of coffee do you drink a day? I can assure you, nowadays, sometimes I drink up to 4 cups of coffee and my head goes all coo-coo…..

The featured image of this post was taken by myself. All rights reserved.


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